Camping holidays in Hungary

Camping holiday in the heart of Hungary at the beautiful Lake Balaton, is for health and active holidays the purest pleasure. It is the largest freshwater lake in Central Europe and surrounded by 8 volcanic mountains from whose springs pure mineral water gushes.

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From the Southwest to the Northeast, the lake is over 75 km long, its narrowest point being only 1.5 km at the Tihany peninsula and its broadest being approx. 14 km. The average depth is three metres, which also explains the secret of the high water temperatures in the summer months (in August approx. 27°). The greatest depth is again found near the Tihany peninsula (approx. 11 m) where a car ferry also crosses over the Lake.

Lake Balaton is one of the cleanest lakes of its size in Europe and the region is a real paradise for flora and fauna. Alongside centuriesold cultural landscapes, which are characterised by viticulture, there are also many rare species of animals in the region. The natural reserve areas Balaton Oberland and Kis Balaton „Small Balaton“ should also be mentioned at this point.

The towns and villages along the lake are, however, also fantastic. The northern bank is especially great for exploring due to its unique landscape characterised by former volcanoes. Here you can also fi nd many old, sleepy hamlets as well as small, hidden-away wine cellars which are perfect for whiling away the hours!